Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day One: And they're off...

So I guess today was the best kinda day to start Buy Nothing New month. Grey, rainy, freezing cold with a major game of footy on. Classic Melbourne.

With very little motivation to step foot out the door, I decided to put together the study table my housie had graciously allowed me to use (ha! first borrowed item!), which forced me to move, sort and clear out a heap of shit I didn't realise I accumulated. Another by-product of re-decorating your room however is realising the million other little things you could use to enhance it. Shelves, frames, new sheets, a porcelain statue. 

Luckily, I really hate 12 degree days and so I didn't whip out to acquire said items. Instead I've rationally considered what I might like to source from the many op-shops in my neighbourhood. I'm thinking a lamp, maybe some kitschy mugs to hold random bits and pieces and possibly some art. This all depends obviously on the quality of the more impulse 'just because' buys around here Mister!

Tomorrow's forecast is conveniently more positive, so to Sydney Road I shall go!
Oh. Then I went on eBay and bought a fascinator for the Cup.

BUT it is previously owned (only used once but will still be disinfecting) AND was only $15.00. So there.

I'd like to think that was a rather successful first day. Right? Right.


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  1. Fascinator for the cup already? And second-hand too, well done, I'm impressed!