Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day Four/Day Five: The delayed reaction

So Buy Nothing New Month is fast becoming Buy Nothing At All Month. Which, according to my mother, is probably more of what I should do.

Yeah, whatever Mum. (I love you, of course).

To save my sanity, I have altogether avoided my usual retailers. I know I am a big fat cheater and as weak as piss when it comes to shopping, so I have used the opportunity to focus on work and uni and writing and friends. These things probably shouldn't give way for shopping, normally, but it has become a handy distraction. And anyone who has known me for five minutes knows I am also the biggest procrastinator in the world. Wow, I'm sounding like a really shit person right now. Dah well.

ANYWAY, what I am finding is that because I know I am not buying new items, I have that little bit extra change, which means I have pretty much been stuffing my face at any opportunity given. No time for breakfast in the morning? No worries! I'll buy a coffee and a big ass bagel on the way in! Grocery shopping? No worries! No Homebrand shit for me this month!

I obviously have an issue holding onto money. Dah well. I've still not bought anything new.


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