Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day Two: (Art) Market research

In stark contrast to yesterday, I woke up this morning to a face full of sunshine and the promise of a fruitful day. Funnily enough, even though I frequented a number of vintage stores and op-shops in Fitzroy, I didn't purchase a single thing. And I mean nothing. I didn't even make it to the supermarket. I'm having water and chocolate for breakfast tomorrow.

Despite the initial pang of going home empty-handed, I took it as market research and noted a few handy tips and observations for next time:

  • A good vintage store can be a lot of fun
  • A good vintage store can also cost a lot of money
  • Just because the stock in a store's window or outdoor display looks dated, doesn't make it a second-hand store - it's just a weird, cluttered, variety store of sorts. With a questionable smell and an even more questionable shop-keeper
  • When 'shopping' on Smith or Brunswick Street (or any street, in my case) it's probably best to take a close friend who knows you've undertaken such a challenge. Close witnesses decrease the inclination to cheat, particularly with all the very pretty clothes and shoes and bags and jewellery and teapots a discount price.
Other than that, it was all a bit of a trip down memory lane. Rediscovering what a 90s baby I really am, my recently acquired love for fur anything and that I could probably sit and stroke a glo-mesh purse all day.

I definitely enjoyed it though and am looking forward to visiting different parts of town, albeit with a more considered and hopefully focused attitude.
However we did stumble upon the Rose Street Artist Markets, which definitely tested my (not-so-hidden) impulsive buying tendencies. I forgot how awesome a good, creative market space can be. So many wonderful home-made and recycled cuteness stirred feelings of warmth, nostalgia and pure lust within this material girl. 

I was on the verge of buying a couple of pieces - that I initially thought would make the cut because they were crafted out of old bits of cutlery and other randomness - until the obvious question loomed; are these old or new? GAH! I resisted. I thought I shouldn't fold on a technicality just yet....but even knowing that such awesomeness exists and that I may have to wait four weeks before acquiring it will probably drive me bonkers.

Anyhow, opinions on THAT juicy issue would be greatly appreciated. Obviously opinions which would result in me wearing a plastic dinosaur head on a ring would be highly regarded but I am open to all views.

Otherwise, I still love a good freebie. And the cheeky kids at Able and Game were giving away this fine specimen at their stall.

I'm not naked. I'm wearing yellow hotpants like my pal here.

So I guess it was a somewhat fruitful day anyway. Or it was just a great way to spend a day doing something while not really doing anything. It's what a Sunday should be, really.

Day Two and going strong, kids. Proud of me?


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