Friday, September 30, 2011

Buy Nothing New? Yeah. Right.

So my good friend Suzi first mentioned Buy Nothing New Month to me as she had decided to take part this year, intending to write what will surely be an amazing piece of work for the Big Issue magazine. Then she put forth the challenge to a number of us girls in the hopes we might make interesting guinea pigs. Then, like a sucker, I accepted said challenge.

Since stepping out into the big bad world on my own with some pretty piss-weak savings, juggling a part-time job with 'full-time' study, I have learnt to live a little more thriftily. Having said that, I can't deny my shopaholic ways; the receipts for the past seven days alone are shameful enough.

Evidence of an addiction. I'm so screwed.

Add to that, upcoming events which would traditionally be no-brainer excuses to hit the retailers - namely my cousin's wedding and the Melbourne Cup - I am definitely in for an interesting four weeks.

At best, I will learn to become more creative, resourceful and appreciate the many things I already have. At worst, it'll be a daily Moan Bitch Cry via this delightful medium. Sorry guys. 


PS. Anyone with an extensive (and expensive) wardrobe consisting of mainly size 6s (in shoes AND clothes, because I'm coordinated like that) should drop me a line. 

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