Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mic check...1,2

So it's taken a minute for me to join the other cool kids in the blogosphere, but I'm here. And, to be quite honest, I don't know whether this will fall off like a lot of my other grand schemes - fashion design, painting, llama-breeding - but shit, I'll give it a shot. I figure, as long as I'm spending half my life in front of this computer and continue to be obsessed with sneakers, hip-hop, general coolness AND maintain the ability to string a few words together, why not indulge my inner-narcissist. Lord knows she's been ignored for long enough.

And yes, this particular post holds nothing of actual substance, but it's the first one. And like many a first time, it's not amazing; there's still a lot to learn; but damn, it still feels pretty special.

My personal suggestion is to enjoy it while it lasts, but while my mind remains firmly fixed by this particular notion, I will continue to bring you Kicks and Pieces.

K. x

PS..The mug-shot is of my current favoured children...Married To The Mob X Nike dunks...Pretty girls.

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  1. ladylove, you're too fierce not to be part of the bloggosphere! whooooo!