Monday, July 20, 2009

Fuellin' My Fire

Ok, so get me a Diesel man, stat!

Now all who know me will know my love for Com, so imagine how a-flutter my heart was when I saw an entire shop window filled with his loveliness, reppin' this man-scent. Hence, I just HAD to conduct further research into what sorta product would be worthy of Com's time and street cred. And here are my delicious findings ;)

I've gotta give the Diesel camp an A+ for all-round performance with their latest men's fragrance, Only The Brave. The bottle, as well as its contents, is suitably manly and the current ad campaign is fyyyyyyaaah! Featuring models Sam Way, Tony Ward and Daniel Pimentel AND rapper Common, there's never been a better reason to harden the fuck up...all the girls will want you and all the boys will want to be you. Seriously.

Kinda wished I had a boyfriend to gift this Manliness In A Bottle to :(

I don't work for Diesel (or Loreal..who owns them), I'm just killing two birds with one stone - finally posting another blog AND sharing pictures of pretty boys :)

So enjoy...but in the words of Jay-Z, "Pull your skirt back down, grow a set man"...this is Only For The Brave.

K. x

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  1. hell yeah !
    this is gonn be one of the hottest spots around
    look out !