Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extra, extra...

Schoolin' in the city is going to prove very expensive for me. Stumbled through Borders after class and stumbled upon a never-before-noticed quality little journal. I mean, with its fluro yellow and pink cover, it was practically screaming "Buy me, you hipster wannabe!" So I did.

"T": The Journal of T-shirt Culture. Sounds perfect and it very nearly is. Based in Aus...Melbourne, in fact, and featuring a huuuuge array of local and international material. All the local plugs makes me wanna pack my shit and move to Burn City asap :(

I'm a little sad that I had to discover it at Issue 5, as I hate sleeping on good shit like this, but its a solid issue nonetheless. Includes articles on The Evolution of Bape, A-Z of Rock Tees AND (my favourite) Step By Step...a freakin' how-to guide on the entire t-shirt making process. Oh, plus, for the boys, there's a wet t-shirt fashion shoot, of which I've graciously included a tit-bit for ya ;)

Maad read, awes pictures, major inspiration. Pretty dear...damn that SelectAir, but I believe I'm a convert. Will be hangin' out for Issue 6, due Nov/Dec 09.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

K. x
{Yep, you Q fans should recognise those lyrics. ALIFE collabed with the Abstract one on this. HOT.}


  1. OH SNAP !!

    that's Q-Tip's line

    this is dope

  2. I'ma give you a gold freakin' star Zen :)