Friday, July 31, 2009

Kiss my...

...lazy ass. Aha!

Nah, kidding. Or am I?

So I signed up to the General Pants Co. mailing list a whiiiile ago (don't ask me why, seeing as we don't have one GP store in Perth) and received the regular drop in my inbox today. This time around the hype was about their new season denim range but what really tickled my fancy was the dopeness of the graphic they used.

HOT. Right?

This, in turn, reminded me of my current (slight) obsession. Lipstick. I'd bought a few blah lippie shades since Summer 08 but had rarely been brave enough to break them out. This winter, things changed. I'm not quite sure what the reason was. New crowd? New outlook? Who knows. But ultimately, I just stopped giving a fuck what 'most' people were doing and using lip colours that weren't nude or clear.

And surprise, surprise...I liked it. Shit, I love it. I defy any female who doesn't feel amazing when she's wearing that red lipstick. Shit is hot. Seriously.

Though being a sucker for the glossy mags, I was drawn to
orange, coral and fuschia, seen on many a runway model. I have yet to test-drive all the major brands but I think I have built a solid basic palette so far.

Here are a couple my staples.

Revlon Wild Orchid
K, so I need Effects....I'm definitely not amazing without it!

Napolean Hara
See? Baha. Cheers to my girl Simone at the NP counter for letting me 'play'.

I've derived much satisfaction from taking my pout out, especially during the day. It's part of my new 'power suit'. Skinny jeans, white tee, fresh face and lips that go POP.

"I'ma wear my Supergirl swag, if you don't like it you can kiss my..."
CIARA, Pucker Up

K. x


  1. Ooooh that red is HOT!!! and you're a Perth girl!!! hurrah!!! so are we (although yes,these days we call Melbs home) Am missing the beaches there!

  2. Aha..yeah i'm missing the beaches too. It is cold as shiiii here. Damn winter!
    I'm a good friend of Lstreet's..he intro'd me to your blogs. Mann, you ladies rep fierce! I can appreciate that :)