Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vignetting Vic Exhibition

I am, by no means, a bonafide photographer. I can, however, take a good shot or two and have been using film cameras for the last year or so. So far, Lomography cameras have been my weapon of choice, because they're easily attainable, simple to use and oh so freaking cute. I was lucky enough to have a photo of mine selected recently for a Lomo Australia exhibition, which focussed on images of the great state of Victoria and is currently running at the No Vacancy Project Space at Federation Square. 

My baby, Pins
I, of course, had to attend the opening party last night, which featured a lot (and I mean A LOT) of cool customers, bevs and really really impressive images (all within a really really tiny space). Despite mutterings of 'hipsters', 'shit cameras and shit photos', it was an overall fun vibe, with flashes going off and polaroids being given away. No doubt these 'other' people needed to loosen the buttons on their work shirt, be grateful for the free booze and shut the fuck up.

Me and my baby
I haven't shot a roll of film for a minute but am missing the process of shooting, forgetting, remembering, developing and being pleasantly surprised. For an anxious person, film photography can be like yoga or tai chi or Xanax. It's therapeutic and forces you to practice patience and consideration. And the appreciation of that awesome shot that turns out unexpectedly - or the ability to accept all the failed attempts despite your best efforts and intentions - really is the ultimate payoff. Inadvertantly, it becomes something that brings you peace, relaxation, learning curves and excitement. 

Scoff if you like, it sounds wanky, I know. But it doesn't have to be film photography. Maybe your thing is pottery. Maybe it's cycling. Maybe it's customising high-heeled hooker boots. Fuck, who cares. There's always that thing that allows you to escape, explore and create. This is mine.

If you're in this wonderful city, definitely take a minute to check out the space. Check out the venue and exhibition info after the jump.


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