Friday, September 7, 2012

"I love you but you don't know what you're talking about"

I've never run away from home. Mainly because it probably wasn't the safest thing to do in my neighbourhood. And my parents would either have kicked my ass or locked the door behind me. But also because I'm sure it would never have been as magical as the two runaways' adventure in Wes Anderson's latest film Moonrise Kingdom.

Moonrise Kingdom is ridiculously endearing fun with just the right amount of dry humour, famous faces and indie soundtrack. All the sets, locations and costumes are so vintage, they border on kitsch. In short, it's every hipster's dream. But don't let that deter you, it's a beautiful film. 

Suzy (Kara Kayward) and Sam (Jared Gilman) seem to be two completely different personalities but are obviously drawn to each other by their shared outcast status. They fall in love and conspire to run away together, sparking a frantic search by Suzy's folks (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand), Sam's scout leader (a super cute Edward Norton) and the town cop (Bruce Willis, like you've probably never seen him before). 

While the two young leads certainly steal the show, the stellar adult cast are hilarious in their respective roles. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite among them, they are all so committed to the absurdity of their characters. They're all so disaffected in some way and watching them look for themselves, whilst physically looking for the young fugitives, really appealed to my girlbrain. AND when you play that against the nostalgic yet fantastical 1960s New England setting, I had no hope - I was completely invested. 

I would liken this film to another of my favourite things - cupcakes. It's super manufactured in its cuteness, a little too excessive and unnatural but so fucking delicious that you will gladly stay seated until you've devoured the entire thing.

So if you, like Suzy Bishop, also love to get lost in magical worlds of adventure, you will surely love getting lost in Moonrise Kingdom. 


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