Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking back and looking forward to...


I'm geekin' out at the possibility of being within the direct vicinity of this man when he finally graces our shores early 2011. Easiest way to start the new year on a serious motherfuckin' high.

Mighty Mos will be touring his album The Ecstatic, which I played on repeat for a minute after it dropped, and revisiting some tracks today reminded me of how ecstatic his music actually does make me feel. And how he makes me laugh. And how I want to carry his babies.

So, naturally, I decided to jump on Youtube to see what goodness I could find and I stumbled across this joy series of acapella verses he did for Current whilst cruisin the streets of Tokyo.

All cuts of The Ecstatic...
...including Auditorium, one of my faves

...and I defy you not to grin throughout the Casa Bey vid.

Such a beast. And I look forward to welcoming him to our home with open arms. Literally.


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