Saturday, April 24, 2010


my mind has been occupied by..

Brazil and men's underwear
flights of fancy, to Sydney and beyond
bills of all sorts
where the hell the sun went
when my next pint will be
sacrificing my weekends for work

..hence the momentary silence on the blog front.

Again, just a little reminder that I remain a-kickin'...also that I continue to procrastinate from the lame-ass report I'm supposed to be dedicating my braincells to. Despite the subject matter being marketing designer men's underwear to Brazilian consumers, I'm finding the whole thing rather tedious and would much rather be pursuing other (more satisfying) pastimes on this Saturday evening.

Dah well. No pain, no gain. And I will DEFINITELY reward myself once this shit is done.

Hi ho, back to work I go :(

K. x

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