Thursday, March 25, 2010


LITTLE DANCER BOUTIQUE...cute online store and source of all your new favourite things.

Sashaying onto the scene in late 2009, LDB has been building its name and profile with the chic clique of Facebook and beyond. Founded by the super-sweet Stephanie and based in Queensland, LDB is about to launch their remodelled website.

In fact, LDB looks to be getting a total makeover. Complementing the site's face-lift is a whole new wardrobe, featuring fresh, young and edgy brands. Expect to see the likes of Toi Et Moi, Tonimay Jewellery and My Sunday Feeling gracing the new site. With Steph's blessings I've put together a couple snaps of my personal favourites (all of which I'm sure I will purchase at some point...naughty).

No doubt LDB has become one of my latest faves and I definitely can't wait for the new site to drop. Steph informs me it could be unveiled as early as Friday evening, though you can be sure of some action by Sunday, March 28.

So be sure to cruise on through and cop yourself some cuteness.

K. x

PS. Peep the Behind-The-Scenes vid for the LDB photoshoot for more fashionable goodness.

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