Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FOCUS: Baby in the summertime

 I complain a lot about beaches in Melbourne. In all fairness, I haven't put in the effort to really explore many of the actual scenic spots, but I guess growing up on the West Coast has spoilt us beach bums and travelling further than 20 minutes by car to get some nice sand and clear water is just pushing it. However, last summer did feature more suburban beach adventures than previous years in my Melbourne life and the first exposures from this roll of film (taken back in November 2013) just reminded me of where I need to get back to this summer – in a beach body and on the fucking beach ASAP.

The air is still crisp these days but the sun is starting to stay out a little longer and the promise of endless sunny days is palpable. GTFOH winter, I'm over you.

All photos taken on 35mm Lomography Redscale film with a Ricoh KR-5

1 comment:

  1. The film really does give a great 70's-80's feel to the shots, especially the distant beach shots. I love the one with your feet best of all though