Tuesday, July 22, 2014


What is it about the past that always has us so hooked? Childhood memories, the men that were terrible for you, the hundred more times you went to the pool last summer. Were our past experiences really that good or do things just become infinitely more romantic the further away we get from when they happened? Personally I think one of the biggest reasons we cling to the past has a lot to do with what didn't happen as much as what did. Like, you might currently be in the best relationship ever if that dude was less of a dickhead/actually wanted to be in a relationship. It's a weird form of torture we put ourselves through.

Fashion is another one of those things that involves a great deal of nostalgia, each season seemingly drawing inspiration – in varying degrees – from a past season and right now, it looks like the '90s are getting another go-around. One of those old wives' (fashion) tales is "If you wore it the last time it was 'in', you shouldn't wear it again." Or something like that. And I call bullshit. 

I love the '90s. Born in '86, my experience of the '90s was bike shorts as pants, floral bucket hats and plastic blow-up furniture. Coming up, I definitely indulged in my fair share of the typical trends but it wasn't enough. I wanted to hang with the big girls, specifically influenced by one of my young aunts who was the epitome of '90s when I was a kid, in her high-waisted jeans, leather and name brand shirts. And now, with timing and self-awareness on my side (not to mention, my own limited finances), I get to step back in time. And here are a few of my favourite things:

Crop tops

High-waisted anything
Preferably in denim or leather

Athletic wear as day wear

Dark lips

Slip dresses
This one, I'm yet to fully explore, but I blame the weather. Here's looking forward to spring/summer '14 (and all hail queen of the slip dress, Kate Moss).

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