Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm a vault baby, locked down...

Things took a turn for the worst yesterday. So I took myself out into the sunshine today to try and re-assess my priorities and remind myself of the fabulousness of my person. Too often we rely on others to reflect love back to us when the truest appreciation can only come from oneself.

I usually don't indulge this type of emoness, instead choosing to bury it in a shallow grave and battle on with a chip on my shoulder. Apparently that hasn't worked in the past so I am allowing myself a couple of days to mourn, cry and vent. After which I am hoping to wipe my hands (and life) clean of this shameful episode.

So unless you have a key,
and a bunch of bananas...

You ain't never getting in.

And you can thank the asshole that came before you for that.

So here's to the new season. The forecast is for sunshine and good times. Cheers.

K. x

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