Friday, August 21, 2009


We avoid them. We set them. We fall into them. It's life, I get it. We're humans, it's what we do. But shit, I hate feeling cornered. Duped. Obligated. There's something obviously demeaning about knowing you've effectively become someone's bitch, in whatever capacity.

The greatest source of emoness, in my opinion, is setting oneself up. And it happens. Over and over and over again. We find ourselves in the same situations, we know how the story ends (and it's never pretty). Yet we continue to blunder through them. Sometimes with false hope, like, "Oh, I know how this shit'll go down. I'm prepared." Yeah, right. We can't expect for the outcome to be different if we don't approach things in a totally different way - mentally, emotionally, physically.

We all have our vices - material, emotional, whatever. Things we can never seem to give up but that always always always catch us out. Possibly putting a momentary grin on our faces but eventually leaving us out in the cold.

And when I say 'we', I obviously mean me. Stupid stupid girl.

Traps are all well and good. We make mistakes, trudge through mud, but hopefully learn along the way how not to get stuck again. Traps are inevitable. But they don't always have to hurt.

Tread carefully.

K. x

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